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Liz Clews provides health and vitality courses and events for everyone, no matter their age, physical health or experience. Everyone can learn to be more healthy, flexible and relaxed. It is so often regarded as a foregone conclusion that the human body loses vitality as it ages, and yet we all know someone who seems to defy this preconception. With just a few changes to our daily routines and a more positive and relaxed attitude to diet and exercise, we can all improve our mental and physical wellbeing.

What Can You Expect ?

Learn how to Maintain a Healthy & Flexible Body, build a Positive Mental Atitude and Look Forward to a Fun Future amongst New Friends.

What Liz Clews won't say about herself.

"If there's one simple phrase that describes Liz Clews, it's "She never stops". She never stops caring, she never stops learning and she never stops moving. Liz Clews is a true phenomenon. Liz realised from an early age that she learned differently from other people. Others learn subject to subject, whereas Liz instinctively exhausts a subject and all of the topics pertaining to that subject, very much like a river flooding an estuary. Her amazing passion for the treatment of health, vitality and longevity has led her on a gargantuan lifetime's journey, a journey with such wonderful personal reward.

I've never met anyone like Liz Clews. Anyone who has taken one of her classes or had a one to one session will know that she is dedicated, attentive and nurturing, while also being a mine of information and a true task master. If you are looking to revisit your younger energetic levels, flexibilty and/or vitality, then Liz is the woman for you.

Liz will individually design your fitness program to your particular needs. No matter whether you are chair bound or an Olympic team candidate, Liz will infect you with her positivity to succeed. She will push you only as far as you can be pushed, but you will enjoy where she pushes you, no matter your current abilities."

Gainsborough Based Yoga Instructor, Liz Clews, Wants To Help You.

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