Liz Clews - Relevant Job Related Courses, Qualifications & CPD.

It is essential for anybody working in any form of physical, mental and dietry support role to be properly trained and also keep up with current scientific advances / legislation. As you will see from the following list of training courses, seminars and workplace experience I have alwasy taken my Continuing Professional Development very seriously. My passion for the work and compassion for my clients ensures that I have always held my level of professionalism to be at the centre of my service.

Below is a list of all pertinent qualifications and experience. Please read it through and if you have any questions at the end, please feel free to contact me for a chat.

Lincolnshire based, Liz Clews, is a great Yoga Instructor, Pilates Tutor and Fitness Coach.

City & Guilds - Safe Return to Work (Covid-19) - This credential demonstrates that the holder has completed and passed an e-learning course on the importance of safety practices and the methods used to control COVID-19 transmission in the workplace.

Vitality / Extend NVQ L3
Research Champion for Parkinson’s UK
2020 – CPD Mind – Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity – UK Coaching
2020 – CPD Parkinson’s Development Extend Training
2019 - CPD Therabands Extend Training
1Life Management Solutions (Employed to teach Vitality Exercise within the community for the over sixties & disabled people of all ages) approved by the NHS
2019 - Register of Exercise Professionals R0060537
2019 - DBS HR00046215 1life Management Solutions – accessible online for any Business Employee to view
2019 - Instructors Public Liability Policy – FP00005495 Expiry Oct 2019
2019 - Extend Exercise Affiliation No 4445 Expiry 2020
2019 - Fit Pro membership Expiry May 2020
2017 - Lives Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) Expiry Aug 2020
From 2016 to date proactively developing Vital Stepping Stones Community Interest Company
2016 - Exercise Prescription for the Prevention & Treatment of Disease Trinity College Dublin CPD Online
2016 – CPD Dementia Adventure Course Sensory Stroll Course. Walk leader Training.
Sponsored by Lincoln City Council
2016 – CPD EPOC Early Prevention of Cancer Development Plus Awareness Course
Sponsored by Development PLUS
2014 - Aging Well: Falls (Reduce risk of falling) Newcastle University CPD Online
2013 - Vitality 5 week tailored 121 programme for Adults of any age with complex health conditions LCC Public Health Funded /Vitality/Age Uk Falls Awareness Collaboration
2013 - MHFA Mental Health First Aid Course – Voluntary Role
2012 - British Lung Foundation (BLF) Chronic Respiratory Disease Exercise Instructor Course - REP's NVQ L4 ) Sponsored By British Lung Foundation
2012 - Lincolnshire Volunteer Card
2011 - Emergency First Aid at Work
2011 - Extend CPD Parkinson’s Seminar
2010 - Delivering Exercise for Parkinson’s Gainsborough & District Branch
2010 - Extend CPD Active Master Class
BLF Active Member for those with COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – (Lung Disease)
2009 - Extend CPD Circuits & Pathologies
2009 - NVQ L3 Extend Movement to music for the 60+ and the less able person.
Movement to music and seated exercise for the over sixties and less able people of all ages with various ailments and co-morbidities. Sponsored by West Lindsey District Council, PCT & Lincolnshire NHS teaching
2008 – CPD - Relaxation & Meditation Workshops BWY
2008 - Reiki level 1
2003 to Present - Various workshops to Enhance Yoga & Self Development Instruction
2007 - Bespoke One to One Personal Development/Stress Management
2007 - Business Boot Camp. Sponsored by Advanced Rural Lincolnshire
2007 - “Infinite Possibilities” Mental Heath Development Course with Life Long Learning Company Course Sponsored by LCDA
2007 - "Combating Stress" Mental health Development Course Sponsored by LCDA
2006 - Set up Voluntary Social Club “Friends for Life” for the Mature person- Grant aided by Community Champions Still actively Sustainable runs from Richmond House – Pam Holmes
2004 - Volunteer Walk Leader for “Walking the Way to Health” Originally launched with Jackie Brown via Friends of Tranquility – Project very successful and still sustainable
2003 onwards….Numerous Yoga development days and weekend courses
2003 – Course Freestyle Fitness Yoga– Jayne Nichols – 1 day certification BWY member
2003 – Course Pilates, Core Stability & Healthy Backs – Rachel Holmes Fitness
2003 - Founder of Tranquility Fitness For Life Est 2003 Social Enterprise (17 Staff)
Still sustainable as a Social Enterprise now called The Studio run by Belinda Darley
2002 - Aerobiking Training Course Modules 1 & 2 (spin)
1999 – CPD Fit Pro Education Workshop Ultimate Mix & Excellent Endings
Fat loss Issues
Fat Burning Concepts
Exercise Solution & Practical application
Physiological Adjustments
Planning Cooldowns
Core Conditioning Techniques
Practical Application
1998 – Course - YMCA Aqua Aerobics
1998 - Fit Pro - Interval Training & Step Technology
1995 – CPD Interlink 95
1993 - AFAA Advanced Exercise to Music – International Qualification
Aerobics and Fitness association of America
1993 - Fitness Education – Bob Smith Loughborough College
Step Technology Interval Training
Joint analysis Threshold concepts
Safety aspects Fibre-type recruitment
Phycology Energy Systems
Intensity Levels Aerobic & anaerobic
Step Circuits Lactate levels
Step Kinesiology Step intervals
1992 to 1999 - Further Modules with Fit Pro Education
Step & Advanced Step
Gym & Circuit Training
Mature Fitness
Anti Natal
Children’s Fitness
1989 - AFTA The Bodywork Diploma Sponsored by Suffolk County Council
1989 - RSA Exercise to Music & Body Conditioning
1980 - Company Outward Bound course in Eskdale for weeks Team Building
1978 - British School Judo Club Coach (16 yrs old) Took over and run both Junior and Adult clubs in Stowmarket - Voluntary Role

Client Comments

  • Jenny Cottiss

    “I have a congenital chest problem called Primary Ciliary Discognisia, recurring chest infections like Cystic Fibrosis. Approx 1 in 1500 people suffer from it. Joining Liz’s Yoga class nearly 7 years ago was the best decision I’ve ever made. Having bespoke One to One sessions has made things even better.

    So I suggest to anyone go for it! You’ve got noting to lose, however, lots to gain.”