No matter what you do with Vital Stepping Stones you will have Fun, Laughter, friendship, improved mobility, balance & Co-ordination through carefully planned gentle yet effective exercise class designed specifically for you, no matter what your ability.
Come & join our social fitness classes, feel the benefits instantly with plenty of support & encouragement.

Self Referral Scheme

Why Vital Stepping Stones?

Vital Stepping Stones is headed up by Liz Clews who has over thirty years of experience teaching various exercise sessions and courses for all ages. She says, “There is a huge gap in the health sector in the UK, for this kind of programme. Gainsborough has suffered greatly within services supporting people’s health.

We aim to focus on prevention and cure for many different illnesses and ailments, our first steps do not necessarily have to be to reach for the medication.

“Sometimes, we simply need the motivation to get started again, especially after an illness or dealing with a chronic condition. You’ll learn so much about how to look after yourself from the inside out.”

The course is six weeks long, and will be start with a thorough assessment of each client’s physical, mental and nutritional well-being.

Education will be given on food, including testing and sampling recipes, along with indoor and outdoor exercise and seeking alternative ways to look at health from simple steps such as nutritional teas and drinks, to the affect and benefits on an individual’s health before and after an outdoor pursuit such as a walk in the woods for instance.

Additional aspects such as balance, posture, maintaining a healthy back and so much more will be delved in to.

For each unique individual, the course aims to:

Educate your mind and body

Attain maximum possible results

Make new friends

For those chosen for this opportunity, it will be life changing and it won’t come without commitment.

You’ll have a personal programme suited to your needs

You will have homework!

You will be monitored and guided all the way Vital Stepping Stones guarantee that if you stick to this…. they guarantee results. This in turn will help us to help more people in the future.


Vitality is a Lincolnshire based programme of exercise to music classes incorporating physiotherapy based movements.

Yoga, Pilates & Relaxation

Improve flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness, bringing the body and mind together!

Self Referral Courses

Nutrition and Exercise Prescription for the prevention & treatment of disease.


Our Visitors Love Us

Cystic fibrosis – yoga & pilates & relaxation

The vital stepping stones programme has changed my life totally. I can’t believe how strong I feel both physically & mentally. A combination of weekly Yoga & Pilates, one to one to specialise my needs, and now weekly Vitality Active session. You can’t buy...

Obese female

My health trainer has arranged for a fitness trainer to come and help me with some exercises for 12 weeks. Apparently you can do them sitting down. I am a bit skeptical as to how much exercise you can actually do in a chair, but I'm willing to try anything to get some...


I am writing to endorse how much the Vitality seated exercises classes that you run at Newlands Court now Everyone Active have helped me.  I have been attending for four years and during that time I have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer.  The classes have...

Type 2 Diabetes

At the end of September 2015, and recently being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was desperate to find some extra form of activity and meet people locally. For the previous 3 years, I had kept diabetes at bay via exercise and diet, but sadly as I aged,( I am now 72...

Jason Sault

“Typical self employed builder here, firstly my back has seen better days and secondly I thought that pilates would be easy and I was a little sceptical as to whether pilates could help my back pain to say the least! well I couldn't of been more wrong, in week one Liz...

J Nobbs

Hi Liz, having lost my wife some six years ago, I admit my diet went from being good, to rubbish, to the point where my blood sugar level rose alarmingly, To the point I was borderline diabetic, I am not taking medication for it preferring to control it myself.On my...

C Wood

I am so delighted with the progress I am making at Vital Stepping Stones that I wanted to write & tell you!I have been attending a weekly Vital Stepping Stones class run by Liz Clews at Morton Village Hall, Gainsborough, since the beginning of August 2017. My...

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