Vital Stepping Stones…..What an apt name for this group. I was at a point in my life where I had to make choices, either accept my lot and struggle to get out of bed in a morning, feel sorry for myself and feel that my active life had already ended at 60 yrs of age or concentrate on what I can do and try make adjustments to improve the rest of my life. Whether it was because I had just had a milestone birthday I don’t know, but I was ready to explore what was out there and Liz Clews’ advertisement for a pilot scheme in the Gainsborough Life, grabbed my attention! I applied immediately handed it in at the doctors surgery, emailed Liz to let her know and eagerly awaited her reply. I was over the moon when she invited me for an assessment and after our discussion. I was hooked and desperately wanted to be accepted as the course offered all the things I wanted to explore. I didn’t have the confidence to attend individual classes as my fibromyalgia caused me pain after exercise. I couldn’t get up off the floor! Stand from sitting without help! I thought people were judging me and could burst into tears due to embarrassment. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi, nutrition all subjects that I wanted to know about and as a full time carer for my mum. I knew that this would be time for me, that would help me stay fit and healthy to be able to look after mum well into the future. Liz did accept me on to her course, her email meant more to me than she realised, she said I was an intelligent woman with a big heart. Her praise was very important to me, she saw a person that I thought had disappeared and she only knew me for a couple of hours! I in turn agreed to attend all 10 classes. The classes became a lifeline, sharing experiences with likeminded people. The exercises were geared to our variable fitness levels. I for one could not stand unaided from sitting on week 1 By week 2, I did 15 unaided! A technique learnt and taught with the rest of the group to do 20 every single day! Liz said start on side of the bed; it’s slightly higher until you get stronger. The subjects covered were a taste of a much bigger picture; we were encouraged to do…

  • Homework
  • Exercise
  • Record any activity
  • Record what we ate
  • Research new breathing techniques
  • De-normalise sugar
  • Accept natural fats as part of a healthy diet
  • Drank lemon water first drink in the morning
  • I also did not eat for a 12 hour period a great technique learnt from the 4 Pillar Plan by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Basically How to: Relax Eat Move Sleep A way to a Longer, Healthier Life The result after 10 weeks was amazing, in that time

  • my mind unblocked and
  • my creative juices flowed freely
  • writing poetry which I hadn’t done for 20 years!
  • I lost 1 stone 2lbs
  • lost 7.5” from my waist
  • I was walking every day
  • I felt happier
  • more able to cope
  • my pain was less often and not as severe
  • so I reduced my painkillers
  • reflux tablets
  • my antidepressants with the agreement of my doctor
  • I have learned skills for life as I would be foolish to think that life will always be a bed of roses
  • I have accepted who I am
  • What my limitations are
  • Concentrating on what I can achieve
  • I have made new friends
  • Volunteered to help Liz in any future ventures so that others can also receive Vital Stepping Stones for a brighter future.
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