“I was badly affected when diagnosed with essential tremor, like Parkinsons Disease related to a neurological condition which affects not only balance but a change in direction of one’s whole life. When I discussed with you whether there were any exercises that would help you suggested trying out the existing class for the Parkinson Group.
Before I joined even my doctor was suggesting I should not go out on my own in case I fell over and I was finding my life restricted by being unable to stand and stop to talk to people for any length of time without looking for support to hold onto despite having a walking stick. However, after several months the classes built up my confidence and my balance improved. Being with a group helped to discuss our problems and you devised various strategies for managing our conditions. Even advanced cases were encouraged to walk with help and eventually on our own. In my case this helped me to tell my doctor I was able to be on my own and had been taught coping strategies.
Ann Lewis