I am so delighted with the progress I am making at Vital Stepping Stones that I wanted to write & tell you!

I have been attending a weekly Vital Stepping Stones class run by Liz Clews at Morton Village Hall, Gainsborough, since the beginning of August 2017. My original idea was to attend for six weeks only and then return to my regular Pilates class. (The instructor takes a 6 week break in the summer.) However, after only a few weeks, I have decided to continue with Vital Stepping Stones.

Already, I am feeling the benefit, having less back pain and sleeping much better. I have more energy, something I have lacked for many months. Also, I am returning to a more positive outlook on life.

I have been through a lot of stress during the last two years. I didn’t realise just how much this had affected me until I started to feel better again. This must be due to the combination of Pilates with the Yoga and Relaxation, something I have not experienced before.

Also, due to the excellent teaching provided by Liz, it is a pleasure to be part of one of her classes.

I would definitely recommend this class to others and I hope that it will continue to flourish. 

C Wood