Harry has always been a sporty child playing football and cricket but started suffering with heel pain and knee pain. The doctor referred us to a podiatrist which was  around a  7 week wait, our appointment was at Hickman street clinic Gainsborough.


Harry was told he needed to stop playing sport as he would end up making the situation worse and eventually need an operation. I questioned this as I said if he stops playing sport he would put on weight and this would surely make his knee and heel pain worse, her advice was to take up cycling.

We both came out of the appointment very deflated.

After looking at how Harry stands and researching myself I believe Harry has Knock knee and this can be corrected with the right strengthening exercises.

Liz Clews spent an hour with Harry using some rehab equipment at West Lindsey Leisure Centre and showing him some other exercises and correcting him when he was doing them wrong.

It also helped having the wall mirror so he could see what he was doing.

Liz also advised on nutrition which he took onboard.

After spending that hour with Liz last night Harry came home so positive even wanting to call and buy some porridge for his breakfast.

I feel that because of Liz’s positive attitude and being shown the right exercises, Harry now has hope and is now in the right mindset to do these rehab exercises and improve his diet.


The next day Harry asked me to buy Porridge oats and some full fat milk! And even ate some peas with his tea. Never been known before!

With a tenacious attitude from Liz and someone who is positive and knows what’s what and how to share that knowledge correctly to a teenager can work wonders.

G Doyle