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Our Visitors Love Us

J Nobbs

Hi Liz, having lost my wife some six years ago, I admit my diet went from being good, to rubbish, to the point where my blood sugar level rose alarmingly, To the point I was borderline diabetic, I am not taking medication for it preferring to control it myself.On my...

C Wood

I am so delighted with the progress I am making at Vital Stepping Stones that I wanted to write & tell you!I have been attending a weekly Vital Stepping Stones class run by Liz Clews at Morton Village Hall, Gainsborough, since the beginning of August 2017. My...

Pat & Ron

Early this year my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We were aware something was very wrong, but after a really difficult two years with other serious health problems, heart and lung disease carcinoma of the lower eyelid, severe Ulcerated lower bowel,...

M Greenaway

My husband John has noticeably benefited from the few sessions he has already attended, his physical abilities have improved, He can now stand up from his chair on his own, which we all take for granted, so has his mental outlook. He positively looks forward to the...

G Doyle

Harry has always been a sporty child playing football and cricket but started suffering with heel pain and knee pain. The doctor referred us to a podiatrist which was  around a  7 week wait, our appointment was at Hickman street clinic Gainsborough. Harry was told he...

W Greenwell

Right from my first meeting with Liz Clews I felt that ‘yes at last someone understood what I was going through’. I had been off work since February 2018 and had been diagnosed with COPD, fibromyalgia and arthritis. I had been struggling to breathe since a chest...

M Jones

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last February and chemo and radiotherapy were recommended but I choose to have a left breast mastectomy and not have that treatment.  To eat healthily, cut out dairy which in my case meant going vegan. I also take CBD...

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