Hi Liz, having lost my wife some six years ago, I admit my diet went from being good, to rubbish, to the point where my blood sugar level rose alarmingly, To the point I was borderline diabetic, I am not taking medication for it preferring to control it myself.

On my Doctors advice, I attended both sessions of “spotlight on Diabetes” Liz gave a talk towards the end of the second session, outlining the new Stepping Stones course, and the fact it is open to various health conditions that people of all ages would like to change. Being proactive in many ways, covering elements of mobility, flexibility, nutrition, the list goes on and on. There would appear to be a gap in taking control of improving quality of life. I was very impressed and enrolled, My expectations from the course have been exceeded, I am definitely more mobile and flexible, eating far more healthily, I definitely feel better in myself, and to reinforce what I have said  I have already said I will follow on with what Liz has in mind!

J Nobbs