“Typical self employed builder here, firstly my back has seen better days and secondly I thought that pilates would be easy and I was a little sceptical as to whether pilates could help my back pain to say the least!
well I couldn’t of been more wrong, in week one Liz introduced me to pilates, I learnt a lot about what I was doing wrong (is the best way to put it) and how easy steps I followed through out the day aided in the beginning of my recovery from an ongoing slipped disc problem. Two days after my first session I had my first full nights sleep without getting up in the middle of the night for pain killers and the early morning round of back exercises! I might add at this point that I hadnt encountered a full night for months prior to this!
I cant wait to progress with pilates and continue to work with Liz to achieve my personal goals. if you are male or female I strongly recommend!
I am pain killer free and I have every faith in Liz keeping it that way💪“
J Nobbs

Self employed builder