My husband John has noticeably benefited from the few sessions he has already attended, his physical abilities have improved, He can now stand up from his chair on his own, which we all take for granted, so has his mental outlook. He positively looks forward to the class every week. You are wonderfully energising, and so very aware of each persons capabilities and when they need a bit of individual help. Your two volunteers are a valuable asset. It seems to me a very well-balanced class which people of all abilities can and do benefit from tremendously. The atmosphere is so positive.

You may be interested to know Tim and his partner Carol known as Dr Tim friend away GP neighbourhood lead in the central Manchester NHS and Dr Cowell packing senior lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University in youth and community studies have been running an clinical commissioning group for Central NHS which is looking at reducing social isolation in the elderly byways of group interaction like your group which takes so many boxers friendship relaxation interaction and exercise to name but a few. Such groups of course dramatically increase individual well-being. Apparently its lead to a reduction in GP consultation by 20% and A+E attendance by 38% (Glasgow deep end project). Just as we have seen with John. And I must add exactly so for me! ‘It is great to be in this mixed ability class’ with self-help and is overseen by a complete professional.

You were the first person I thought of to contact after John’s diagnosis of vascular dementia and I am now really writing to you to thank you so much for being there for us and so many others.

M Greenaway