I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last February and chemo and radiotherapy were recommended but I choose to have a left breast mastectomy and not have that treatment.  To eat healthily, cut out dairy which in my case meant going vegan. I also take CBD oil, the legal one, available from health food shops.

Liz’s course perfect for me as it tackles all aspects of physical, mental and even spiritual health. I feel it is important to take responsibility when you fall ill and in my case pre cancer I was over one and a half stone heavier and eating a lot of processed foods for convenience.

No matter what the circumstances it is hard to maintain motivation without help and guidance. Liz provides all of that. I feel anyone could do the course and benefit and it is carefully and cleverly designed to make fitness available to all.

With an aging population it is vital to learn new ways of maintaining health and fitness to enjoy a quality of life and maintain independence. The relaxation and breathing techniques were so useful, to keep calm in whatever situation you have to face, is such a valuable tool.

M Jones