I am 64 years old and suffer from Depression, unstable neck, poor circulation in my legs leading to Oedema and generally unfit due to sedentary, quite stressful job.

I Self-Referred to Vital Stepping Stones so I could gain tools to come off the anti-depressants and become more mobile and flexible, so I can enjoy life again.

Since coming onto the course I have learnt a lot from Liz Clews.  The exercises and nutrition information has helped me become more flexible and now I can walk better and I can stand up without using the arms of the chair. It has encouraged me to try Yoga.

Mentally the exercises with the deep breathing has helped me to step back, take a few minutes to centre myself, and carry on in a better frame of mind. It is helping me turn the negative into the positive, which goes a long way to stop the spiral down into deep depression.

I have found the course uplifting, informative, socially interactive (as I live on my own) and very good. I am planning my days and weeks to give me goals to reach and meals that I can prepare and eat rather than not bothering, as I used to.

I strongly recommend Vital Stepping Stones for anyone who has difficulty with mobility, mental health and weight issues.

Mrs G Punchard