Early this year my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We were aware something was very wrong, but after a really difficult two years with other serious health problems, heart and lung disease carcinoma of the lower eyelid, severe Ulcerated lower bowel, caused by medications, pancreatitis resulting in very serious dehydration affecting his kidneys resulting in a months stay in hospital!

This further news seemed like the cruelest of blows and we both felt very low and depressed. Having never had any family or friends with this condition, we felt rather isolated and alone and very worried about the future and what is meant for us both. For a couple of months we struggled with my husband not wanting to go out much because of the tremors and the out of eight experience he has at times.

I had seen an advert for the friends of Parkinson’s group in Gainsborough life magazine and we decided to go along, we’re both so glad We did it we had such a warm welcome it is so good to share our experiences ups and downs with others who have similar problems. One thing we soon realised is one size does not fit all, everyone in the group is different and a level of symptoms varies so much but everyone seems so positive and just get on with life. The exercise classes have been so helpful and so much fun to! What’s of laughter every week. My husband’s confidence has improved and we now go out more on his good days.

I feel less stressed I’m our level of fitness is improving to. An hours exercise I’ve half an hour coffee And biscuits and a nice chat, but what a change it has made to us both! Has important I think As our doctors and medication.

thank you Liz

Pat & Ron